There is a crisis in Syria.

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About the syrian refugee crisis

In March of 2011, peaceful protests in Syria were met with violent government retaliation, launching the country into a civil war that is now heading into its eighth year. Since then, an estimated 11 million Syrians have fled their homes, seeking refuge in neighboring countries or within Syria’s borders. Those who stay in their homeland face the threat of violence and dwindling resources, while those who leave struggle with restrictive laws, dangerous border crossings, finding work and shelter, and keeping their families together and safe. 
Cultural tensions have spiked in the countries that are most overwhelmed by refugees. While some stay near the Syrian border, many try to reach Europe by making the dangerous and often fatal trip across the Mediterranean Sea to Greece, where resources are strained and passage to the west is restricted. Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon are barred from legal work and struggle to find any way to support their families. Children, especially, face a grim future – in need of psychosocial support, many have been out of school for months or years and often have no choice but to work to help feed their families. For some, this life is all they have known.
Here are some facts about the Syrian refugee crisis:
- Of the 5.5 million worldwide, 5.3 million Syrian refugees have sought refuge in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.
- Nearly half, or about 2.6 million, Syrian refugees are children.
- 6.1 million people are displaced within Syria itself.
- More than 500,000 people have died since the war began.
- 8 percent of refugees live in informal refugee settlements, where shelter is often inadequate, clean water is scarce and sanitation is poor.
- An estimated 35 percent of those living in refugee camps and 70 percent of those living in Syria rely on unsafe water sources.
- Overall, an estimated 13.5 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

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Helping the hurting


As a result of the violence in Syria, children and adults have lost their lives, families have been broken and torn apart, and refugees fleeing the violence have been stripped of their dignity. Many families live in poverty, either unable to find work or to make enough to get by. They have little to no access to health care, education, language classes, training or anything that could help them rebuild. As the war rages on, Syrian refugees need our support to recover from the horrors they’ve been through. You can help bring aid to Syrian refugees and their families in need.
All proceeds from this fund go to help charities provide aid to Syrian refugees, including:

- Medical care and equipment

- Food and medicine

- Clean water and improved sanitation/hygiene kits

- Emergency cash assistance

- Education

- Psychosocial support

- Other basic relief supplies

We cannot stand by and do nothing in the face of this crisis.

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